Our Services Are Designed To Help Make Saying Goodbye Easier

We endeavor to make the process of cremation simple.

Whether it’s through a veterinary office or a passing at home, we offer pick-up and transportation of your pet’s remains to our cremation site.

We know that it’s heartbreaking to let go. Therefore we’ll take the responsibility to carefully transport your beloved pet to our site, within a 100-mile radius of Catskill, NY, so that you don’t have too. We’ll also bring your pet’s ashes back home for you.

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Gone But Never Forgotten

You are of course welcome to have some of the ashes from your pet after cremation. Please contact us regarding what urn options are available, including a plain cardboard box that is perfect for scattering ashes at your home.

As part of our commitment to the environment and to help the memory of your pet live on, we pledge to plant a seedling for every pet that we cremate, e.g. Oak saplings for dogs, Willows for cats etc.

We are a member in good standing of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.